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Participants  are responsible for 100% of the costs incurred to race the ISDE, which historically is approximately $10,000 or more depending on the venue.  The people who race in the ISDE do it because they have a strong sense of National Pride and want nothing more than to make their country pround.  Much like the Olympics, there is no prize money involved.   Every dollar in donations from Canadian businesses and individuals to ISDE participants, make it possible for Canada's best riders to represent our wonderful country at this world wide venue. 

Please support, our first Canadian Woman's team to ever compete at the 2010 ISDE  in Morelia, Mexico!

Please view our products page to see how you can support us, by purchasing a shirt, hoodie, tank top, or simply just a donation.  


The History of the International Six Days Enduro  

The International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) is the oldest, and most prestigious off-road  motorcycle event in the world.  The ISDE was first held  in Carlisle, England in 1913.  The ISDE has occurred annually ever since at various locations around the world, apart from interruptions due to World War I  and World War II.   Approximately 30 participating countries from around the world recruit their best off-road motorcycle racers and send them to compete in their countries honour.   To date some of the host countries have included the United States, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Chile and Greece.  In 2010 the ISDE will be held in Morelia, Mexico.  The ISDE is known as the ultimate test of rider and motorcycle.  

What is the International Six Days Enduro?

The event spans six days, with each days course averaging approximately 250 kilometers. The rules are quite strict in regard to time and stops. Participants have a short allotment of time at the beginning and end of each day to repair any broken or worn out parts on their machine. 

Participants may not receive help from anyone while performing their mechanical repairs. 

Participants compete in hopes of earning a Gold, Silver, or Bronze metal for their country.  Gold medals are generally rewarded to participants who finished within 10% of their classes' top racer's total time.

The ISDE attracts entries upwards of 500 riders. This combined with with thousands of support crew and spectators has a major impact on tourist income for the venue in which it is based each year.



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